really it's reality

the world spins spins around so fast with the numbers flying and the sun changing into the moon but then you wake up and realize it has been 3 in the afternoon for the last five days straight and the coffee still tastes good all throughout the day upon your lips keeping the cheeks warm while you wipe away the tears that are shed because of the most microscopic reasons for why you are really here and the day still continues with the hours lasting longer even though the world it spins spins around so fast that it makes the years leak into one big fuzz in the carpet and memories are the only little strings that keep you tied back to the person you once were but you aren't anymore because the world it spins it spins so fast that you loose it all the feeling of having dreams of a future meanwhile down the road  is really right now and there is no stopping even if you close the doors and draw the blinds and jump into bed because the world spins spins around and all these animals who think they are important don't think twice about your palpatating heart because you aren't them you are you a separate identity where only life exists for you and no one else and you are the chosen one even though you didn't choose to exist someone else did that for you when there was time when you weren't here and maybe it was better back then and maybe the world didn't spin or didn't spin so fast with all the numbers flying and the anticipating 9 months before the baby comes and the consumption consumption consumption of things everywhere, ended up in homes and in landfills and beside the shores of ponds and then you grow up to realize no one really cares or ever has and they just want money and everything painted gold even there teeth but the world still spins spins around so fast with noises bursting eardrums and loud cars honking down the dirty street with the wind buzzing the mail slot opening and cold hands in september with no pennies to put in eye sockets or in pockets with deep holes for the bounty to run dry as the humber river with hidden fossils from sea monsters and now there is just a city with lots of blinding lights and whores with no shoes on walking down a retail strip with coffee bars and hardware shops to spend your dollars at while the world spins spins around while no one can see or hear or feel the reality of the situation and no one can see the energy being created because we only seize to exist in our minds and can not grasp the things in life we can not see or hear or feel when even though we are spinning too but we are too caught up in the odd fabricated life that man made us and stole away from god and from nature that has tied us down to the spinning world where we will spin spin spin so fast and not even have a clue

ʞu!Ⴈ oәp!ʌ Ⴈɐnʇ!ɹ uәʞoɹq

                                                      broken ritual    әɯ әʌ!ƃɹoɟ әsɐәႨd †   uɐʇɐs 666

silver spaded thorns

my soul aches over the sound of when we ceased time
lying in a puddle 
staring at a dusk sun that won’t set
I am truthfully troubled but forbidden to leave the tarnished
packing parcels
traveling forwards 
deep fresh breaths
clutching onto my ignorance 
left with a humiliated pinch on the heart
I am hesitant to venture 
but my legs continue to sway onwards
into the unborn eclipse 

Air tight

six pentacles 
little silver coins 
you crash on my heartstrings
like bristle thistles 
stuck in between silk eyelashes 
i love to lick the hole clean
with daring nibbles on cheeks 
and on ankles
I am not going to be bothered 
with exaggerated nostalgia 
rotting my ripe core
making me soft and easy
smashing tomatoes 
for the spring solstice arrival 
when i will remember 
my past ways 
I will try not to mourn
I will never return 
always looking behind
to see if the green eyes
and the setting sun are still waiting


Space girl

There is nothing left to do
                                              I caught the space girl blues


little egg

angels and dragons 
lilly lie flat
face forward
sinking stuck          quicksand
you fever
shot and caught      it up 
this is anguish 
a heart beats           it is broken 
scattered rhythm
go home

pizzza mouth

--- The burning of the inside of your mouth due to eating too-hot pizza, specifically the blistering and peeling of the roof of the mouth. Caused in particular by searing hot cheese --- urban dictionary 

the thirteenth trump

footsteps lead to locked doors 
purple heavy eyes keep watch 
the ball is in my court 
if the dog runs away you wouldn’t shed a tear
tangled up with diamonds of sweat
just for a ceased second of time 
there is rapture
a little fracture that will soon pass and most inevitably be forgotten
like purple panties that collected the dust bunnies under a bed
dispersed for good
an inverse sequence of energy that is unhealthy to the human heart
a mistake tempted to be concealed
existing still in a lifeless form
only my ignorance and ghost are to blame
broken down into numbers and launched into the vents
scattered far and between the lines of sensibility
exhaustingly  left behind
contemplated once every so often
when the salmon colors dance on the pillows 
a flashback of  fibers enclosing an embryo 
still seizing the urge to fly away
it’s like the shedding of old skin 
or the withering of the trees
rebirth is certain to transpire
and only the moon will sympathize

it's not finished

sitting in the seat across from the horizon 
I wanted to be taken away with the tide
I screamed at the top of my heart for you to hear me
you passed by without a dream right through the floorboards
peach nimble fingers pressed roses on my cheeks
kissing the strands of hairs that leaks from pores
fair children learn how to steal from your elders
drapes for your gardens and iron for your thoughts
you finally come
hanging off the chandelier
riding through my veins 
on a beat vibrating through my muscles 
I decided to ignore the fact that I wanted this
more than anything
to count the tails of the coyotes in a band
countless minds eye 
plucked from the leaves of wild sage
I wanted to rest on the stomach of a fetus 
hidden in a closet with moon crested lovers carved in our spine
cradle my body that has been turned into a temple
white cracked teeth made me ugly
told the truth 
how the sun is actually a firefly 
and I am a parasite
I learned how to cut the ropes
but still remain waving above the shoreline 
still you remain in your place
with no gaps to conceal 
you are so lovely
how far will you really go to smell the tanginess
to taste the last of the righteous fruit before it goes bad
it isn’t too late but I clearly made up my mind long before
it is the time on the hand that keeps things in line
passing down empty highways 
you don’t care
if there is anything up in heaven 
or if you will have young when the spring comes
winter is arriving with the men from the army
my crusader is coming for me
it will happen 
counting quarters
sitting on the kitchen table
wait and see

The Hermit


credence coward
souls that shatter 
up spines and splatter
you take my hand
to carry me forward
for the sake of dreams of deep forests
long syllables slip so easy
spoken too soon 
shaped like a heartburn 
i love the spit that lasts on the walls
with carefully measured teaspoons
you scoop me away to the top of a mountain
where we dress in cotton linen 
rub sap on our wounds 
plant roses for their thorns
and remain at peace

missing sickness

Fell head deep into the monstrous hole filled with cheap licks and thrills
Forgive me father for I have laid in the bed I have made
it has two broken boards and pillows stuffed with hay 
but lets me languor to prepare for the following days

anxiety created itches and twitches’
a coward hidden under wolf skin 
a fraudulent of a cosmic speculation 
an allegory of a natural phenomenon 

I’m nothing
not the dirt under long nails
or the loose strands of hair 
not the tears in a handkerchief 
or a crack in ceramic 

there is pitty
there is spite
fear of loosing teeth
fear of loosing myself

                                    I never found a place


turn of the cards

spent two days stumbling away 
smoking the serpents out 
several minutes taken from the day
salmon swim but not the trout 
 red tied lies
opening wounds
teardrop sunrise
you try to stop 
  I receive signals from the emperor
the king of swords at hand
with schedules left unmade
and the men in the kitchen 
slaving for the starved 
 slept on the forest floor
the light casting through straw 
my wife at home 
freaking over the cat and dog
 souls want to stay put 
I haven't seen their faces
I'll slumber this evening
when she will still be on my side

visitor of the hinterland

hunting ground

the oysters seemed to have been swept with cigarette butts
and the primitive steps woken by bam hogs 
little piggies rush to the troff
to scuff down cheese scones
and hot water served in a cedar block 
twenty ounces of liquid 
warming the soil 
you peep at the luscious parrots
that are brought to the seaside 
with red peppers and pink eye
palm tree treats from the eastern world 
the ferry terminals ooze loads of fumes
highways veins
sidewalk stains
crumbs for the giant
stolen by the gods
do you remember my cuticles?


I am waiting 
being a pawn on your stainless steel chessboard
desensitized eyes 
the little puppy bites
hard and deep nips
but you said you were only playing 
slapping raw flesh 
bruised by association
conditioning the truth
falling off the top bunk 
splattered on the floor
like a chicken plucked of all its feathers
    I thought I might have been an ampute 
    perhaps in a past life
lashes of burns make chins nimble
stinging red
scratched flesh
still spitting water 
at each other
cooking like beached sea flowers
in the sleigh 
where you sleep 
with your heart half full 
curled with feeding tubes
the sunshine on your back
wake me in the morning 
make me ache  
to the point I have to sit on addition signs 
    bananas will always be the best way to get your potassium


Particularly dry
speech impediments twist and sputter
hungry eyes you bastard kitty cuddle snuggle
you can count on me
I count your lies
suckling put me to sleep
boreal forest flies fills you up
like a blister
you gained a confidence I didn't think
you had
it in you
rubbed on my tummy lucky
stockpiled high
for you
pick it up already
a heart that is finished
it's beat beets battered
I came here
to fuck
know the rules of the church and steeples
pinball pop it in
comparisons to a hose or running fingers
unwashed hair
my baby
keep up on it