really it's reality

the world spins spins around so fast with the numbers flying and the sun changing into the moon but then you wake up and realize it has been 3 in the afternoon for the last five days straight and the coffee still tastes good all throughout the day upon your lips keeping the cheeks warm while you wipe away the tears that are shed because of the most microscopic reasons for why you are really here and the day still continues with the hours lasting longer even though the world it spins spins around so fast that it makes the years leak into one big fuzz in the carpet and memories are the only little strings that keep you tied back to the person you once were but you aren't anymore because the world it spins it spins so fast that you loose it all the feeling of having dreams of a future meanwhile down the road  is really right now and there is no stopping even if you close the doors and draw the blinds and jump into bed because the world spins spins around and all these animals who think they are important don't think twice about your palpatating heart because you aren't them you are you a separate identity where only life exists for you and no one else and you are the chosen one even though you didn't choose to exist someone else did that for you when there was time when you weren't here and maybe it was better back then and maybe the world didn't spin or didn't spin so fast with all the numbers flying and the anticipating 9 months before the baby comes and the consumption consumption consumption of things everywhere, ended up in homes and in landfills and beside the shores of ponds and then you grow up to realize no one really cares or ever has and they just want money and everything painted gold even there teeth but the world still spins spins around so fast with noises bursting eardrums and loud cars honking down the dirty street with the wind buzzing the mail slot opening and cold hands in september with no pennies to put in eye sockets or in pockets with deep holes for the bounty to run dry as the humber river with hidden fossils from sea monsters and now there is just a city with lots of blinding lights and whores with no shoes on walking down a retail strip with coffee bars and hardware shops to spend your dollars at while the world spins spins around while no one can see or hear or feel the reality of the situation and no one can see the energy being created because we only seize to exist in our minds and can not grasp the things in life we can not see or hear or feel when even though we are spinning too but we are too caught up in the odd fabricated life that man made us and stole away from god and from nature that has tied us down to the spinning world where we will spin spin spin so fast and not even have a clue

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